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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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something on market street that's going on around 1 or 2 but getting to a venue that's safe. we don't have a bus system. the central subway is in front of my place that's great and as a constellation on losing my white zone i'm going to ask or make a proposal for a taxi stand where the utah is or where cabs can drop people off or where they can get to market street and maybe extra service for subway. i applaud people's efforts for being here >> okay. i want to call charles from leggings our cab
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and yellow cab. so then candice from lift and kimberly marshall from hoover >> i'm charles rath bone so to speak on the above the legal license and leggings our cab. generations of electing i came back drivers have provided late night services for more than 80 years. we continue to provide that service every night under the law. we serve not only the young and reading body and not only people that have smart phones and credit cards we serve all people. we'll continue to innovative including detailing luck's our introduced to san francisco before the t r.c. leggings our operates within the
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legal system to serve all people. we believe there's nothing innovative in evading the law. we're surprised other cabs were invited we only heard there about this through other people and we've provided more $3 million riders and like bart and caltrain will continue to work within the law and with proper and honest insurance and transparent and equal pricing for the san franciscans and visitors. we expect that you will require the same of hoover and lift. >> thank you. for the record we asked the mta to alert all the cab companies
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about this we asked the word to be put out >> we're not hard to get ahold of supervisor. >> again, we asked the magnifying to alert all the cab companies to us. okay. is someone from yellow cab here? okay. okay yellow cab told us they were going to be here if someone shows up - oh, come on up >> i'm here i'm andrew son i think you got a letter earlier today that letter was sent to all the members of the committee. >> okay. thank you very much i don't think i've received that. >> it was sent by e-mail to all the members of the board.
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>> thank you very much i'll looking at that. okay. i have candice taylor followed by kimberly marshall >> hello, i'm candice the manager at lift. thank you for the opportunity to come and speak. lift is a transportation network company and it's based on did idea we can harness the existing resources the cars that many of us own in order to provide rides to others in the neighborhoods. lift i think is very skeptic in san francisco because there was a great need. i moved here about 3 years ago and i didn't have a ton of ways to get around. as an example last week between friday and sunday 10 to 15
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percent were between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. a lot of people like to access the downtown area and go to the bars and restaurants etc. and see i think we're working hard to provide those tints to individuals that need rides and we will continue to do so >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> . why don't we if you're going to take a while to set up why don't we go to the next speak
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>> i have it. >> oh, okay. >> okay. we'll go to the next speaking and could you be to you so next barry (calling names) sir did you want to speak? okay >> i have it. >> what. so we're going to go to the next speaker and the clerk will help you set that up >> hi good afternoon supervisor wiener. today, i'm compelled to speak to you considering tonight we see mr. hollywood let my people go when it comes to slavery. the cab drivers have become a slave class i reason i bring this up because we're sitting there in lines and lines in
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front of night clubs and others venues watching lilt hundreds of lift and hoover double and triple park and line up in our cabstands and block traffic. it's become a dangerous situation. there's a lot of the is cabs available. i want to jump the employees. a lot of the late night workers have cash and they're drunk and noted the cabs to get home safely base it's not safe for them in their condition and with the amount of money on them. that's an important issue as well with those particular types of workers. a lot of them have relationships with the dispatch services we make sure we take care of them.
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that happens with month dispatch companies in the city. also i want to say lift says pier to pier what's that. i take lots of people around my age and younger. why is that different except i have insurance and don't make illegal u-turns and block traffic. it's important to have two things happen one is that anyone or business that has a certainty amount of late night services has to have a white zone. that's open. i was in infusion lounge and use that white zone for the employees and staff and not for loading and unloading. it's important we look at the
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requirements for the white zones >> thank you. next speaker, please are you ready now. >> i'm kimberly marshall from hoover i have a quick power point presentation. so supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen thank you for having us. we're glad to participate on this traffic of lit night transportation and proud of the options we offer is residence and we're happy to share what we're learned. the question is what are some of the important things we've seen in late night transportation marry your overall familiar with hoover we began in san francisco and we started here because of the need for late knitted transportation in matching the unmet transportation demand with the existing transportation supply speaker and so what we've
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seen is the ease of access from any kind of device from anywhere you are and there are applications for transit providers as well. the speed and reliability that's been touched on but being able to get where you need to go and safety you've talked about the 24/7 availabilities that's one of the reasons you use us you're not standing at the bus stop by user. and does it have an option for the price point hoover provides a couple of different things and we're not only in san francisco we're across the bay area as well so whether people are.
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are there any questions? >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> next speaker. >> thank you supervisor wiener for having this meeting. my name is bill i'm a taxi driver in san francisco and a medallion holder. i've been driving a cab for 24 years and lived in san francisco for 44 years. and this is the worst i've ever seen the taxi industry because of companies stem but hoover and lift who pay absolutely no taxes in san francisco i right now have to pay a $75 tax stand fair they pay no fees. you have no idea what it is late
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i drive thursday and friday and saturday night. as saturday night i was empty for an hour and a half because of those people who are picking people up there's no police enforcement nothing so they can side whatever they like. it sounds like like a conservative city which it's not. and you've allowed those people to operate with no sprilgs and no rules. i'm paying $125,000 inform drive the privilege of driving a taxi in san francisco. that's half the regular price which is 2 hundred and 50 thousands hoover and lift
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villaraigosa no expenses. we have to pay and this is a the reason we were empty. everybody i mean everything is taking hoover and lift now and they only have to pay their own private car payment >> thank you let me call the next round of speakers (calling names) those are all the cards i have bay. i'm - >> i'm karen thank you for
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holding this hearing. i run a bakery and restaurants in the mission our hours are from 7 in the morning to 10 at night our backers start. the first train to get to work arrives at the 24th street bart at 505. just does acquit make it and i so appreciate the scope of what's being discussed i want to say that since we're talking about late night i want to put in a plea as we think about those people who provide early morning sort of critical to our community services like starting to get the food out in time for the 9 to 5 people to get to work it would be beyond painful if we
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took care of the late night problems. i also want to say i do said the contains that bart works with and i constantly make the new york comparison but it's not legitimate to have something that we refer to as the regional bay area transit i'm excited about the pilot bus thing but the frequency has to make sure our staff a safe waiting for the buses one of the things we want is protection so that will have to stay in the communication >> i think i read our piece. >> i know thank you. >> thank you for being here. >> next speaker. >> >> thank you characterize
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wiener and oogsz others. i'm going to speak briefly from the california association that protects entertainment and microscopic in san francisco. we applaud that conversation. 12 years ago, it was started at the entertainment commission and building it or not we heard the exact same things. this fresh approach i want to leave the room with we have have an information on that we don't have regular transportation at night so people have found ways around that. if we had angle app that said i want to go from here to there and call the public transit for cabs and others it will give information at different times of the day and night but also
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provide a much needed service for people out there. if you're a doormat at the night club and someone says what's the easiest way to get to sunset dollars no way to get that to them they are a drunk patron and can't get to the sunset. so through an mta grant this and that grant we can develop a app that will give you the information you need for the next meetings and provide a service in the meantime getting people on a scaleable fashion on their ride home. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello good afternoon to everyone in the tenderloin. i'm keeping you informed shall i'm here as a working person and
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resident and also one that utilizes transmission. i have a comment i want to know what percentage which crimes is captured on video recorders signatures taxi and bart and muni and is there any relationship between robberies and assaults and others things that would justify an emergency division option in the city if there isn't one in place already and if there is what department handles that >> thank you that's a question for mta so. yeah, >> hello i'm going to have a
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couple of different hats this is my hat as the owner of vigil sea room a bar in the region district we're on mission street between caesar chavez and court land we have a small night times business we have thirty bars and routines many of which stay open till 2:00 a.m. and maintained we serve thousands of customers from i do not say the city and bay area. we apply hundreds of workers from across the city and the local areas. when those customers leave the bar at the 2:00 a.m. i don't know if you folks have cleaned up a bar after hours our
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employees don't often get out until 330 in the morning and it's not secrets those employees are casing cash and become targets of violent crimes my mugings. we've seen that a lot. this is lovely to be on an outline line but you can't ask on employee to stand on mission and 25th on mission and caesar chavez with hundreds of dollars in cash waiting for transportation. increasing the night transportation is a critical public safety issue for workers and customers in san francisco. we have more workers living out future because of the rents here. we need to increase their options to get to and from the
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place of business >> it occurs to me we can enlist if we could pass the bar legislation maybe we can close bars easily to get to bart. >> (clapping) >> we're going to enlist bart in this effort. would you like to speak now, sir? >> i'm bob. i was on the grand jury that on 2000 realized the industry and late night services so i predate tanner's allen's services we found the difficulties we got stuck on the grand jury how to
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get back home so i'm glad you're calling for some kind of late night transportation group. i'm uneasy and concerned you should exercise caution in considering appointing any body from tmc they don't fulfill their obligations under the americans disables act their vehicles do have the capacity to serve everybody and even in distances there was a person who is using a guide dog was refused service so an agency that doesn't provide service for everybody to get invited does deserve that. an industry that says we don't
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know how to serve blondes and protein instance and others they're not serving everybody and that maybe from a faulty decision but at the same time noticing nobody has pointed out the finger of glamour their neglecting their duties for failing to provide the services for the disabled if you invite them in you're calling into question reputations >> we do have a board rule asking people not to make clapping or boo if you want to
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support something do a thumbs-up it works well, so (laughter) >> next speaker. >> >> hello, i'm with him, i on the 18 avenue and in supervisor yee's district. good afternoon chair winn and supervisors. i'm a culture arts musician with the san francisco battle orchestra we have my institutions in the theatre the herb's theatre in renovation and all can benefit from intelligent night transportation planning. i see people coming to the ballet and with their children
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with little kids with the legs and those grandparents and parents need all the help to get to the parking arrests. i'm concerned with the musicians with their instruments. bart and minnesota is frightening for our musicians carrying an instrument and employees must arrive on time and this displacement of parking short term parking keeps disappearing as surface lots are developed and parking spaces due to used by culture arts leads to lose of revenue. i hope san francisco government is capable of achieving a balance so san francisco remains an important designation for the
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culture life the entire bay area and please remember the restaurant and bar people and the musicians in your late night deliberations about transportation and parking. thank you very much >> thank you very much. next speaker. i'm call up a few more names (calling names) sorry about that. >> i thought you called my name already. >> if i called our name that's fine i can go to the line. >> okay. >> yeah. that's fine.
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>> i'm sorry if i - and i'm in the middle of calling names now can you hold on one second please (calling names) those are all the cards i have. >> i apologize. >> supervisor cowen i want to say house the lift service i was a muni paraded for over thirty years it's not considered to be a safe system and late at night is less safe i was out in richmond as a bartender got off late one block away this lady didn't take bart she takes a cab pr i used to work late night on the 14 mission and i guarantee a
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lot of people didn't feel safe out there. the mta and the mub management thought the years has refused and city hall has failed to provide proper safety so the safety impact has got to be taking into consideration and the police department didn't have the personnel to provide service on muni. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please i'm joni also am a professional musician with the san francisco opera and battle i've been working with them since 1979 thank you for this hearing. i do want to reiterate what my colleague william said and speak to the balance between night time transportation and short term or parking spaces in the civic center it's been in good
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balance up until 5 years ago until the states property got sold. we're competing as employees with our patrons for parking and they still are not quite on board with transportation as it exists today and we applaud any way to improve that mix. this balance any effect our companies the symphony is a balance to keep to going interest attests night time and people are concerned with their saved we have musicians that carry valuable instruments to and from work maybe more designated parking on the street for van pools we have a lot of
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employees that carpool and if they have a place to park that would be open to anybody involved in carpool. so i'm here to express any views as an employee and i've seen stress happen thank you very much >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi i'm treber i'm with the cab association at the technical director. i've been a proponent for late night activities in the city both in the night life industry and taxi industry if bart had a twenty-four hours service and the railway